Will I and my dog be the only users of the field?

You will have exclusive use of the field for the duration of your booking.

I have selected a date but I can’t see any slots available. Can I still book?

The booking system will only show you times which are still available.

Can I book for longer than ½ hour?

You will need to make additional separate bookings for consecutive slots. This is a limitation of our booking system at the moment.

When you are booking consecutive slots please select either ‘Field 1’ or ‘Field 2’ and NOT the ‘any field’ option. Make sure your second booking is for the same field as your first selection.

You have two dog walking fields. Which one have I used before and what is the difference between them?

There is very little difference between the fields. They are of a similar size and are both grass. It is possible for one car to park within each field. Each field has a small set of agility jumps and a picnic table.

The original field that we first opened is labelled Field 2.

Are the two fields side by side and could my dog see into the next field?

Yes, the two fields are side by side. The joining fence line has a 1m high privacy screening attached to it to prevent dogs seeing and reaching through the fence line. Please see the gallery page for pictures of the field and fence line.

Will I receive confirmation of my booking?

Yes. You will receive a payment confirmation from PayPal and a confirmation email from us. If our confirmation email doesn’t arrive promptly, please check your junk mail box.

Can I change my booking date and/or time if I need to?

Please visit the My Bookings page to make alterations. Do contact me if you have any difficulty making changes.

I have made a booking and would like to bring a extra dog(s). Is that ok and how do I pay you?

Yes, it is fine to add dog(s) after you have made a booking. Extra dogs are £1 each per half hour. Please send the additional money using PayPal. My PayPal link for extra payments is PayPal.me/clawsondogfield

Is there space to park within the field?

There is room for one vehicle to park within each field. There is space for other vehicles outside the field – please don’t block the green gates into the storage yard.

Are there any further instructions I need in order to find and access the field?

Once you have made a booking you will receive a confirmation email with directions to the field and access details.

If the confirmation email doesn’t arrive promptly, please check your junk mail box.

How high is the fence and is it completely secure?

The fence is 6ft high and is made of wire netting similar to the fencing you often see around a sheep field. The field is secure but please make sure you are satisfied it is secure for your dog when you first visit.

Can I use the agility jumps as part of my visit?

Yes. The jumps are especially designed for dogs and available for use as part of your booking. They are used at your own risk. We will be adding to the facilities over time.

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